Many trainers believe in cross-training especially for beginner runners.  
Building your run distance gradually will help ward off injuries.  Listen to your
body and if you feel an injury coming on, try swimming or biking for a cardio
workout without the pounding.  There are many suggested training schedules
available on the web.  Below is an idea for Beginners and for the more
experienced runners..  We also Welcome walkers at Don's FRIENDS 5K.  
If you are planning on walking, keep in mind that a 5K is 3.1 miles.    
There are 2 water stops on Don's 3.1 mile course.
Races are in BOLD; Easy (E) is a slow jog; Walk (W) is a brisk
walk; Moderate (M) is about 1-2 minutes slower than your
projected 10k per  mile pace.  Remember to stretch (before and
after), warm-up and cool down (1/2 mile of jogging/walking before
and after racing) and to keep yourself well hydrated!
Races are in BOLD; Easy (E) is a recovery pace; Hard (H) is at your 10k
race pace; Moderate (M) is about 1-2 minutes slower than your 10k pace;
Intervals (Int) run 400 meters at 10 seconds faster than your 10K race
pace, 800 at 5-10 secs faster, miles (1600) at your 10K race pace (ie an
8 minute toK pace is 2 mins. per 400m, so run 1:50 per 400 and 3:50-3:55
for an 800).  Walk 400 meters between intervals.  Remember to stretch,
warm-up and cool down (all Interval sessions should be preceded by 1
easy mile, and ended with 1 easy mile)!
If you enjoy running 5K's,
you'll LOVE this FLAT,
Beach 5K course.

To the right are a couple
ideas for 5K training, but
you can find many more
on the web for 5K's
and 10K's