Don's Foundation DIRECTORS
Jim & Renee' Wauldron
The Directors for Don's Foundation are his proud Family Members.
Renee' - Don's Mom    and   Jim - Don's Step-Dad
Assistant Directors are Don's Big Brothers - Jim & Mike
RIGHT:Although Don
attended College at
Michigan State, he would
spend Summers and all
free time visiting
St. Augustine.  
Don enjoyed running
and specially on
St. Augustine Beach.  
Here's Don, with Renee'
and Jim at the Gate River
Ruin in Jacksonville - 2007.
2011 Finish Photo                         Mike     Renee'     Jim        Jim jr.

LEFT: Jim jr finishing the 2011  

BELOW: Mike - Jim and Renee'  
at the 2011 Don's 5K Run

"We are so proud of the Great example
that Don set for young Students.  
He chose to use his vacation breaks
to travel with fellow students and
help others in need,....
and he had Fun doing it!  
We are now dedicated to spreading
the "good word" about Don
and encourage other students
to do the same"
Having FUN......Helping Others
Thank You for being Don's Friend.
Jim & Renee' Wauldron
This Family is Dedicated to
making Don's Events
Fun and Successful.
Contact Jim & Renee
at any time.
Don used his Vacation Breaks
to Help Other in Need.
The Don Ausman Foundation is
dedicated to encouraging other
College Students to do the same.  
Don's Foundation is a 501c3 and
your Donation to this fine cause
is Tax Deductible.