Don taught us all that we can Have FUN and
Help Others too.  
Through Don's involvement
with the Alternative Break program at Michigan
State University, Don joined fellow students by
choosing to spend his Vacation Breaks
helping others in need.
Sure, they had FUN....and lots of it!
The Students travel around the world searching
for areas in need of their help.  This could be
painting Elementary Schools, playing with local
children, feeding the poor, helping the sick, and
many others great causes.  As you look at photos
on this web site, you will clearly see that the
Students were having FUN while they
were helping others.
When we lost Don, we lost a "Great Leader"
and promoter of this special program...
The Alternative Break.
We have formed the Don Ausman Foundation
to continue in his Great example...... continue his dream to help others in need.
The Don Ausman Foundation will work to
provide funding for Students who choose
the Alternative Break.
To Date, over $100,000.00 has been donated by
Don's Foundation to support this cause.
This is a Great Cause and the
Foundation Slogan defines Dons Life...
Having FUN......Helping Others.
About The Don Ausman Foundation
Alternative Break Students
Travel around the Globe
and Help Others in Need.
This is the MSU Alternative  Break Students
in Mexico.
They were playing with the local kids and helping them paint their
Elementary School.  
(Don is WAY in the back left.  He's wearing his MSU Cap and waiving.)  
This group had a GREAT time and some Good, deserving people
got some needed help.
What a GREAT way to spend a Spring Break!
Here's the MSU Alternative Spring Break Group from
March 2009 in New Orleans.  All wearing Don's Shirts, they
proudly dedicated the trip to Don.  Don was to planning to
attend this trip and was chosen to be a group leader.
For additional INFO on Don's Foundation,
visit the
About Don page and the
Beneficiaries page in the web site.
Don used his Vacation Breaks to Help Others in Need.
The Don Ausman Foundation is dedicated to
encouraging other College Students to do the same.  
Don's Foundation is a 501c3 and your Donation to
this fine cause is Tax Deductible.