WOW!....... This is Different !
A Big DISCO Party at the PIER for Packet Pick Up!
This is the most FUN you will ever have picking up a race packet!
DISCO Ron brings in the BIG Equipment and BLASTS the DISCO Music
LOUD!  As soon as it's dark......then he starts the Light show.  This is FUN!
Dress up and Bring your  Friends!
The DISCO Party takes place in the PIER
area, with the MUSIC, Food, Vendors,
and Beer / Wine tent (for the adults)
Here's Don dancin' up a storm
in Ghana, Africa 2007.  They
had FUN on their trips too!  
at RIGHT are the
WINNERS for the
at the DISCO Party
on April 9th, 2011.

Everybody had a
Great Time!
Don LOVED Disco!  Click on this little video showing Don with a few friends "hammin' it up" to Disco Inferno, in his apartment at
Michigan State Univ.  Don had his own Disco Ball, shown in the Video.  The Foundation plays this, and many other Disco songs
during the Don's FRIENDS 5K Run and throughout the 2 day annual event in St. Augustine Beach, FL.
for Don's 5K FUN FEST

2014 - April 11th & 12th
2015 - April 10th & 11th
5th Annual -April 12th, 2014 - 8:30am - St. Augustine Beach Pier.