Here's the MSU Alternative Spring Break Group from
March 2009 in New Orleans.  All wearing Don's Shirts, they
proudly dedicated the trip to Don.  Don was to planning to
attend this trip and was chosen to be a group leader.
Each Shirt has this Foundation Hang
Tag attached.  The Hang Tag has Don's
photo and info on the Front side.  The
Back side has the Foundation Logo.
(See Below)
Marissa Ausman
Foundation Model - 2009
(Click on Photo to enlarge)

Here's Don with some Friends and
Family just after his race in
Traverse City, Michigan. May 2008
Left to Right Front Row
Sally -
Don - Jim - Renee' (Don's Mom)
Left to Right Back Row
Tony - Mike - Bob
Here's Don with
after a Run in
Jacksonville, FL
He was always
MSU Apparel.
Don's FRIENDS in New Jersey
Here's a group of Don's Friends..
(Don is in the back Right
with his arm up.)
Here's the Alternative Spring Break Group in Mexico.  
Don's way in the Back left,
waiving his arm....again.
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Above is a Plaque awarded to
Don for his work with International
Students.  Click on photo above to
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Here's Abby, Gavin & Tanner -
Don's Friends from New Jersey -
Nice Shirts!!
Here's Kyle, one of Don's Friends
at Beautiful Lake Superior
in Michigan's UP.
Here's Peggy, Don's 3rd Grade Teacher.
She was visiting Mackinac Island, MI
and proudly posed for this photo
wearing a
"DON's FRIEND" T-shirt.  
Thank you Peggy....for being
a Great Teacher ....
and now, for supporting
Don's Foundation.
Here's Todd, one of Don's Friends,
wearing Don's Golf Shirt and Cap
while on Vacation in Caseville, MI
Here's Don, his friend Juan (left)
and locals in Ghana, Africa
Here's Don's Friends,
DaNietra and son Justin
as they Proudly model
Don's Foundation T-Shirts
Here's Don's FRIENDS, Ryan and
Mike Cullum in Sao Paulo,
Brazil....taking the GOOD News
about Don to South America!
Here's Don's FRIEND, Kyle ,
catching a Nice Pike in Alaska.  
Kyle's dressed nicely in his
Don's Foundation T-shirt.
Here's Captain Adam
Lowry, out in the
Arabian Sea on his
Ship, The Responder.
And, here's Don (left) in Aftica
2007.  He was distributing
bottled water to the
many needy in this area.....
where fresh water is hard to find.
Look Below: Don's Foundation T-Shirts are appearing around the WORLD.  We're all doing our
BEST to spread the GOOD NEWS about Don's Foundation.  THANKS to all of Don's FRIENDS!!!
Here's Don, siting in the family
motor home after a 5K race in
St. Augustine, FL 2006
Ghana, Africa - Spring 2007 - Don's in the front.
On January 28th 2009,
We lost a Great Young Man....
We lost a Wonderful Son, Grandson,
Brother and Friend.
Don, just 22 passed away after a tragic fall
in his College apartment.  
He was a Happy, Fun, and Giving person.  
He brought a Smile to everyone that he met.
During his time at Michigan State University
he took part in the Alternative Break.  
A group of concerned students choose to
spend their Vacation Breaks helping others
in need.....often traveling to other Countries
such as Africa and Mexico.
Sure, they had FUN.... and lots of it!
But, they also brought joy and a
helping hand to many in need.
Don made us all very Proud and we will
continue to follow in his example..
...Keep his Dreams Alive.  
The Don Ausman Foundation will work
to provide funding for Students
who would like to
Have Fun...and Help Others too.....
on their
Alternative Break.
Don's DISCO Run
BIG Winner!  The
Raises over
$1,200.00 for
Don's Causes.  
Here's Don (below) at 10 years OLD.....
Helping JERRY'S KIDS on TV - MDA  1996
Don always wanted to help people.....at the age of 10, he was chosen to represent his
school and work the phone lines to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Associaton
Don was selected based on a letter that he wrote to MDA.  They were impressed with his
sincere interest in helping Jerry's Kids. (The center photo is a photograph take of the TV
during a presentation.
Don is wearing the Red shirt.)  
A BIG Success!
Over $1,200.00 Raised for
Here's Don, Fall 2008, Helping
an International Student
at MSU orientation.
to Don's Great Cause.
We call contributions to
Don's Fountation....
Alternative Break Students
Travel around the Globe
and Help Others in Need.
Don Loved
to Dance
Florida Runners Gather in
Support of
Don's Foundation
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Don was a Happy, Fun, and Giving person.
He brought a Smile to everyone that he met.
May 30th 1986 - Jan 28th 2009
Ghana, Africa - Spring 2007
Here's Don, with some of his little buddies
that he met in a small village in Africa.
Don had a Special "SNAP" Handshake
that he taught to many that he met.
Dancin' in Ghana, Africa 2007
Don may have lost this arm wrestling
contest.....but, he won another friend.
The Don Ausman Foundation Logo
has 2 meanings.
Dons' Family designed this logo and it has a very special meaning to them.  
They feel Don's hand reaching down to give them needed strength and
guidance. The second message is a hand reaching out to
help others in need.  Students that choose the
Alternative Spring Break,
spend their Spring Break vacation helping others.
The Don Ausman Foundation
Great memories with some Great Friends,
.... doing some Great things.
"Having FUN....Helping Others"....that's what the
Alternative Spring Break is all about.
Remember what we said about....  
"Having FUN...Helping Others".
Well,...this comes under the "Having FUN" category.
Here's Don playing pool with some locals
in Ghana, Africa.
This is the MSU Alternative  Break Students
in Mexico.
They were playing with the local kids and helping them paint their
Elementary School.  
(Don is WAY in the back left.  He's wearing his MSU Cap and waiving.)  
This group had a GREAT time and some Good, deserving people
got some needed help.
What a GREAT way to spend a Spring Break!
This Photo of "Don's Friends" in
Michigan appears in the St. Augustine
Record on June 15th, 2009
MSU Honors Don
at the 3rd Annual Globie Awards.
Here's Don, at 10 years old......eager for the
phone to ring.  Don was taking pledges for
the Jerry Lewis Telethon in 1996.
Don's sincere letter to MDA resulted in him
being chosen to represent his school.
This is a photograph of the TV set.  It's the MDA Telethon in 1996.
Don was proud that day......
........but not nearly as proud as his Family was of HIM
Here's Don with his Mom, Renee' at
the MDA  Jerry Lewis Telethon in
1996.  Don was only 10 years old,
but he was so proud to represent
his school for this event.
Dancin' up a Storm
Ghana, Africa
Don proudly attended
Michigan State University
Here's Don with his Brother,
Mike after a Run in Michigan
Don taught us all
that we can have FUN
by Helping Others in Need.
Don Loved Life
and he Loved Helping Others.
Here's Don, with one of his
little buddies in Africa.
Here's Don with a
strong Finish at a
Michigan 10K Race
May 2008
This Great photo will
be part of the Don's
The Children loved Don, and followed him everywhere.